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Specialised Training in Applied Performance Psychology

Mission Statement:

"To empower people in mind, body, and spirit.

To enable the growth of positivity and fulfilment."

The Association of Applied Performance Psychology educates business organizations, athletes, coaches, schools in the theoretical and practical application of Performance Psychology techniques.

We provide the skills and knowledge required to help them reach their unique potential within the highly competitive world of business and sports performance.

Positively influence their physical and mental well-being, and reinforce their ability to cope with challenges encountered in all spheres of their life.

Sports Psychology

We teach skills that develop:

Stress Management Skills

Stable Efforts in Training

Individual and Team Potential           

Ability to Achieve Sport
Academic/Life Goals

Capacity to Cope with Life

Mutually Rewarding Work Ethic

Resilience - Toughness and Recovery Skills

Dedication to Self and Others

Sense of Meaning and Purpose in Life
Optimism and Decisiveness

Physical and Psychological/Mental Well-Being
Positive Contributions to Family and Community

Confident Social Skills
Mutually Supportive Relationships


We Provide In-House Training at Three Distinct Levels.

Stage One:

Provide athletes and coaches with a working knowledge of Inner Competitor methods.

Stage Two:

Integration of Inner Competitor and Psychology In Action methods.

Stage Three:

Instructor Training for athletes and coaches.

Individual Consultation:

We offer individual consultation tailored to fit individual needs. Our individualized services can help you maximize your athletic potential, by addressing sport specific challenges or provide specialized support to help you address other psychological challenges.

Typical Foundation Level Schedule


Meeting with Chief Coach and parents to clarify principle aims and methods Direct work with athletes/coaches – interactive lectures/training exercises.


Introduction to Inner Competitor and Psychology In Action.

10.30- 11.45:

Thoughts - Feelings - Behaviour.


Lunch: participants encouraged to ask questions informally.


Thought Management Skills - Targeting Inner Strength.


Applied Performance Psychology Skills for enhancing Individual Performance in competition, training, and life in general.